Day retreats

Prolonged stress, overwork or intense activity can take its toll on your physical, mental, and spiritual health and leave you feeling tired, anxious and unsettled.  At REST AND WRITE day retreats you will find opportunities to recover some of the more nourishing aspects of life such as stillness, imagination and sense of adventure.

Each REST AND WRITE day retreat includes dynamic writing exercises, iRest yoga nidra and Non-sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) practices that support you to settle into creative flow and experience the vitality of your authentic voice. 

REST AND WRITE day retreats take place in the heart of the Limpley Stoke valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

“Kathryn’s calmness, careful instruction and meditation was transformational and very therapeutic.”

Anne HoldowayBSc RD FBDA Consultant Dietitian


Non-sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

The stresses and strains of daily life can leave you feeling tense, tired and restless.

Join me for a bespoke, luxurious, guided relaxation to soothe the nervous system and find rest, peace, and balance.

Each 30-minute Spa Relax includes a bespoke 20-minute guided practice with time for preparation and reflection.

Spa Relax is ideal for wellness days and holidays. Book for yourself or together with a small group of  2-4 people.

Your Spa Relax may be recorded upon request for unlimited home practice.

“NDSR replenishes dopamine, reduces cortisol, reduces total sleep need.” Andrew D. Huberman, Ph.D. Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford Medicine.

“We did an easy-to-follow, guided meditation that left me feeling deeply, even profoundly relaxed and thoroughly refreshed.”

Ayres GipsonFormer U.S. Marine Sgt.


Mentoring and supervision

The simple steps of iRest can: improve focus and insight; increase resiliency, release stress; and restore a sense of balance and control.

“The iRest was so relaxing and unexpectedly gave me insights that can help my life.”

Amanda RelphTherapist