During DYNAMIC REST we experience states of deep relaxation whilst remaining awake and aware.

DYNAMIC REST for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

DYNAMIC REST is a practice of restorative relaxation designed to integrate physical, mental and spiritual health for optimal wellbeing.

By developing the 3 core skills of  DYNAMIC REST – interoception, attention, and breath awareness – you can learn how to establish a state of deep rest to rely upon and settle into at anytime.

My 6-week DYNAMIC REST courses are bespoke and tailored for individual needs and purposes:

  • Recovery from Burnout and Exhaustion
  • Sleep and Dream Recovery
  • Power Naps for Sports Performance
  • Restoring Inspiration, Awe and Wonder

I also offer individual treatments and sessions, such as:

  • Spa Relax ‘Virtual’ Massage
  • DYNAMIC REST Introductory Session
  • iRest® Mentoring and Supervision

“Thanks Kathryn for the wonderful SPA RELAX session.  My husband and I especially enjoyed experiencing it together, it’s like we went on a little journey to somewhere peaceful and happy.

Afterwards we were very relaxed, like we’d had a healing “virtual” massage that transformed our whole week.  We look forward to our next 45 minute voyage with you, thanks for sharing your healing gift.”

Maureen and CraigUSA

“Kathryn has given me the tools for healing along with confidence to allow ‘letting go’ which has transformed my daily life.

Kathryn creates a secure and comfortable environment which allows her clients to explore the breath and sensations in the body and mind without judgement.

Freedom has been the result of practising iRest and I can wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn as a wonderful practitioner.”


DYNAMIC REST is based on the iRest® protocol, which has been tested in clinical trials and has been shown to effectively reduce PTSD, chemical dependency, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety.