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iRest is an evidence-based form of guided meditation that has been shown to help resolve symptoms associated with pain, sleep problems, and anxiety.

The simple steps of iRest (which have been tested in clinical trials) calm the nervous system, release stress, increase resiliency and restore a sense of balance and control.

iRest is easy to learn and can be practised by anyone.  Once learned, iRest becomes a set of self-care tools for life.

“Kathryn’s iRest was so relaxing and unexpectedly gave me insights that can help my life.”

Amanda RelphTherapist


Kathryn offers Guided Rest and Guided Meditation based on the iRest protocol, which can soothe the nervous system and provide truly restorative rest.

Sessions are presented as 20-minute restful naps or 35-minute full practices.

Based in England, Kathryn delivers workshops, classes and individual sessions at educational, clinical and private settings in London and Bath.