An 8-week Dynamic Rest Studio programme for recovery from burnout

Prolonged stress, overwork or intense activity can take its toll on your physical, mental, and spiritual health and leave you feeling exhausted, jaded, and worn out. Pride in your achievements, the satisfaction of having given your all, or meaningful devotion to a worthy cause can become overshadowed by the experience of burnout.

This programme provides guidance for balancing enthusiasm and vision with a confident, relaxed approach towards achieving your goals. You will be introduced to practices ideal for shaping neural pathways, establishing rapport with your symptoms, and creating your own unique safe-haven of restorative rest to rely upon and settle into when you find that you are reacting rather than responding to life’s challenges.

I offer this programme with a good dose of empathy from my own experience of burnout. In addition, I bring 40+ years of practising yoga and meditation, an MA in Archetypal Psychology, and in-depth training in how to rest effectively so as to integrate physical, mental and spiritual health for optimal wellbeing (I am an iRest Integrative Restoration certified Teacher, Mentor and Supervisor).

To compliment your Rest for Your Life! course of healing, recovery, and discovery, you will receive:

  •       8 x 60-minute individual sessions, with a bespoke Dynamic Rest Studio practice and time for reflection both before and after
  •       8 x bespoke recordings for unlimited home practice
  •       A workbook with prompts to develop knowledge, skills and understanding 
  •       Free access to monthly Dynamic Rest Studio community meditations

Rest for Your Life! An 8-week programme for recovery from burnout. Cost: £455.

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The stresses and strains of daily life can leave you feeling tense, tired and restless. Join me for a bespoke, luxurious, guided relaxation to soothe the nervous system and find deep rest, peace, and balance; like a virtual massage.

Each 1-hour session includes a 40-minute guided relaxation along with time for reflection both before and after. The meditation can be recorded upon request for unlimited home practice. Spa Relax Deep Rest is ideal for weekends, duvet days, and holidays.

Book now for yourself or together with a small group (maximum of 4 people). Spa Relax Deep Rest costs £65 per session or 6 for the price of 5 at £325. ~ Click here

“Thanks Kathryn for the wonderful Spa Relax Deep Rest session.  My husband and I especially enjoyed experiencing it together, it’s like we went on a little journey to somewhere peaceful and happy.

Afterwards we were very relaxed, like we’d had a healing “virtual” massage that transformed our whole week.  We look forward to our next 40-minute voyage with you, thanks for sharing your healing gift.”

Maureen and CraigUSA

“I have found Kathryn Willder’s Spa Relax Deep Rest sessions the most profoundly relaxing therapy. I always look forward to it and I achieve, with her, a state of complete rest.

It is utterly restorative and refreshing and a very lovely experience, one we all need in a fast paced world, where time to rest is not always easy to find.

Thank you Kathryn for the experience, as well as for the opportunity to do our own practice with you at home, following your voice guidance with the whole peaceful journey.”

Rachel Moya WilliamsArtist


Initially, iRest Integrative Restoration is offered as a guided meditation; ultimately it is a self-paced programme of self-enquiry. 

The simple steps of iRest increase resiliency, release stress and restore a sense of balance and control.

iRest Practice or Mentoring sessions cost £65 per hour or 6 for 5 at £325. 

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“Kathryn has provided me with the golden key to iRest.  Kathryn has given me the tools for healing along with confidence to allow ‘letting go’ which has transformed my daily life.

Kathryn creates a secure and comfortable environment which allows her clients to explore the breath and sensations in the body and mind without judgement.

Freedom has been the result of practising iRest and I can wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn as a wonderful practitioner.”

MadelaineiRest Practice student

Dynamic Rest Studio services are based on the iRest protocol, which has been tested in clinical trials and shown to effectively reduce PTSD, chemical dependency, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety.