Kathryn has been a student and advocate of yoga and meditation for most of her life.  She became fascinated by yoga as a teenager and trained in zen meditation whilst attending university.

After completing an MA in Psychology, Kathryn facilitated the initial provision of yoga and meditation classes in prisons throughout the UK with the Prison Phoenix Trust in Oxford.

Through more than 10 years as a Kindergarten Teacher, Kathryn developed a playful and engaging approach to teaching that continues to infuse her lessons with aspects of stillness, imagination and adventure.

During several years in school leadership, Kathryn managed the integration of yoga and mindfulness throughout the early years curriculum and taught after-school yoga clubs for children ages 6-18.

Today, Kathryn teaches yoga, meditation and writing on-line and at educational, clinical and private settings in the UK.

“I especially love teaching and practising yoga nidra meditation because of the soothing restorative rest and profound stillness that it offers.”

Kathryn holds a BA in Psychology with Fine Art, MA in Psychology, and PGCE in Primary Education with Advanced Early Years (QTS EYPS). She is a qualified Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Certified iRest Meditation Teacher, Mentor and Supervisor.

Kathryn happily contributes guided meditation recordings for a variety of charities and social enterprises, including JabuMind Self-Care app for Teachers, THRIVE INSIDE, and The iRest Institute.