Rest reveals stillness.

Rest is the dynamic balance we find when we are able to focus attention and notice a felt sense of radiant stillness.

Welcome to Time for a Little Rest

I am Kathryn Willder MA PGCE Certified iRest®️ (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra Teacher, Supervisor, Mentor.

I offer bespoke iRest for individuals and groups.

I love sharing iRest because it provides a systematic way of combining insight and awareness with joy and ease to achieve lasting wellbeing.

Please join me on Patreon for personal guidance and access to my library of restful Yoga Nidra guided meditation recordings  – an oasis of rest – anytime, anywhere.

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“Kathryn provides expert guidance for discovering your own path towards wellbeing. She creates a comfortable place of solace where your body and mind can deeply rest.”

Kirsten GuestDirector of Teacher Certification, iRest Integrative Restoration Institute

“Kathryn listened intently to my story of what I needed and then clearly explained the various ways that the work might help. We did an easy-to-follow, guided meditation that left me feeling deeply, even profoundly relaxed and thoroughly refreshed.”

Ayres Gipsonformer U.S. Marine Sgt.