“Body, like the mountain.  Heart, like the ocean.  Mind, like the sky.”

~ Dogen

Hello! I’m Kathryn. Yoga and Meditation Teacher. 

I am here to help you learn how to restore your vitality, clarity and calm.

My Dynamic Rest Studio services target important skills for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Based in England, I work on-line and at educational, clinical, and private settings in Bath, London and San Francisco.


My services are bespoke, 1:1 and tailored just for you: 

Rest for Your Life! ~ An 8-week Dynamic Rest Studio programme for recovery from burnout

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Spa Relax Deep Rest ~ 60-minute guided relaxation session

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iRest® Integrative Restoration ~ practice and mentoring

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“Kathryn provides expert guidance for discovering your own path towards wellbeing. She creates a comfortable place of solace where your body and mind can deeply rest.”

Kirsten GuestDirector of Teacher Certification, iRest Integrative Restoration Institute

“Kathryn listened intently to my story of what I needed and then clearly explained the various ways that the Spa Relax session might help. We did an easy-to-follow, guided meditation that left me feeling deeply, even profoundly relaxed and thoroughly refreshed.”

Ayres Gipsonformer U.S. Marine Sgt.

“Being a yoga sceptic I wasn’t sure what I would gain from Kathryn’s class. The experience provided the solace I so needed during a traumatic period in my life. Kathryn’s calmness, careful instruction and meditation was transformational and very therapeutic. I would recommend Kathryn’s classes to anyone interested.”

Anne HoldowayBSc RD FBDA Consultant Dietitian

“The iRest Practice session was so relaxing and unexpectedly gave me insights that can help my life.”

Amanda RelphActress