Rest reveals stillness.

“Rest is the dynamic balance we find when we are able to focus attention and notice a felt sense of radiant stillness.”

~ Kathryn Willder

Time for a Little Rest was established in 2017 by KATHRYN WILLDER

Welcome to Time for a Little Rest

I am Kathryn Willder MA PGCE Certified iRest®️ (Integrative Restoration) Meditation Teacher, Supervisor, Mentor.

I offer Guided Rest and Guided Meditation based on the iRest protocol. 

I love iRest because it provides a systematic way of combining insight and awareness with joy and ease to achieve lasting wellbeing.

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“Kathryn provides expert guidance for discovering your own path towards wellbeing. She creates a comfortable place of solace where your body and mind can deeply rest.”

Kirsten GuestDirector of Teacher Certification, iRest Integrative Restoration Institute

“Kathryn listened intently to my story of what I needed and then clearly explained the various ways that the work might help. We did an easy-to-follow, guided meditation that left me feeling deeply, even profoundly relaxed and thoroughly refreshed.”

Ayres Gipsonformer U.S. Marine Sgt.