iRest for Pain Care at The Soul Spa in Bath Thursdays starting 9th January. Learn how to understand pain from within an oasis of rest.

iRest works by enabling you to deeply relax, focus attention, experience the underlying calm and wellbeing that is already present in your body and mind, and begin to understand pain rather than just resist it. A scientific study  has shown that iRest reduces the intensity of pain and the extent to which pain interferes with daily life.


Are you expecting a baby? Join me for a 6 WEEK ANTENATAL iREST COURSE at The Soul Spa in Bath.

Learn how to rest effectively so that you can respond rather than react to challenging situations
Develop a set of self-care tools for life
Join a community of like-minded mothers-to-be
Find opportunities to reflect and set intentions for your pregnancy and motherhood within a calm and supportive atmosphere
Establish an oasis of truly restorative rest that you can rely upon and tap into for relief from sleep problems, pain, burn-out and anxiety
Bond restfully with your baby before the birth
This iRest course is starting Thursday 16 January 2020 at 10.00am. Each session is one hour and twenty minutes long.

Each session includes a teaching theme, discussion and a 35 minute iRest practice. Participants will receive recordings from each practice and a workbook. Unlimited access to all meditation classes at the Soul Spa is also included.

Cost: 6 weeks for £70 (refund for early births!)


Time for a little 20 minute yoga nidra power nap at the brand new and beautiful Soul Spa, 2 Hetling Court, Bath BA1 1SH

Thursdays at 12, 12.30, 1, 1.30 p.m.

Guided relaxation based on the iRest protocol to soothe the nervous system and provide profound restorative rest.

Recover some sleep debt and re-start your day revitalised with a clear and calm perspective.