‘SPA RELAX’ bespoke guided relaxations now available for individuals, couples, and small groups – in the comfort of your own home or holiday setting – for a spa-like experience to deepen the experience of rest and enhance your summer holidays.

Over the phone or via Zoom, with privacy settings on mute for audio and video upon request.

“Thanks Kathryn for the wonderful SPA RELAX session last week.  My husband and I especially enjoyed experiencing it together, it’s like we went on a little journey to somewhere peaceful and happy.  Afterwards we were very relaxed, like we’d had a healing “virtual” massage that transformed our whole week.  We look forward to our next 45 minute voyage with you, thanks for sharing your healing gift.”  ~ Maureen & Craig, USA

£45 per hour/setting.  BOOKINGS VIA E-MAIL:

20 minutes of pure relaxation

20 minutes of pure relaxation, now offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The more we practise, the easier it becomes to establish and access an oasis of rest to tap into when feeling anxious or fatigued or just in need of some peace and quiet.

To book please e-mail

All sessions will be secured promptly so please arrive in the Waiting Room a few minutes early.
Audio and video settings will be muted to respect the privacy of all participants.

20-minute Guided Relaxation ~ A short guided meditation based on the iRest protocol to start or re-start your day with a calm perspective. iRest works by enabling you to deeply relax, focus attention and experience the underlying calm and wellbeing that is already present in your body and mind. £5

Tuesdays,12.30pm BST / 7.30am EDT / 4.30am PDT

Wednesdays,3.30pm BST / 10.30am EDT / 7.30am PDT

Thursdays5.30pm BST / 12.30pm EDT / 9.30am PDT

Key for time zones:
BST = British Summer Time, London
EDT = Eastern Daylight Time, New York
PDT = Pacific Daylight Time, San Francisco